I've written a transmitter which collects data from Contentful and indexes it in Algolia. It is written in Node.js and really simple.

A couple of days ago I asked the community if there would be any interest of an Contentful-to-Algolia transmitter.

Reactions were coming in so I did the step and sliced out a module of my transmitter application.

What does it do?

The module syncs content between Contentful and Algolia. You can configure the service to run with Drafts (Preview API) from Contentful and put it in different indexes in Algolia. The prefix of each index can be configured.

The module supports Contentful's content types and internationalisation🇺🇸. It does not include indexing of media content.

How to use `contentful-to-algolia

First, let’s install the module in your project:

npm install --save contentful-to-algolia

Now you can use the code as you wish:

// Require module
const ContentfulToAlgolia = require('contentful-to-algolia');

// Generate new instance
const Sync = new ContentfulToAlgolia(Object <config>);

// Sync data
  String <type>,
  String <indexName>,
  [Function <callback>]

An example call could look something like this:

Sync.sync('content', 'pages', (data) => {
  data.forEach((entry) => {
    console.log(`Entry ${} saved.`);

You can find a sample configuration here.

Get the code

If you think this module is helpful for your work, please go and download it here:

View the repository

Todo 📋

There are a couple of things that would be nice to have in the module:

  • Elements which are not used anymore should be removed from the index
  • Contentful offers a Syncronisation API, use it
  • Offer a possibility to take updated content from a Webhook and index only this content
  • Including some tests would make sense


If you use either of the two tools, I would be glad to receive some feedback about my code and what else you would need to use the module for.

If you are using it in your project please let me know.