Today we are sad to announce the end of Warhol. We did not see the growth that we hoped for in the past few months and actually getting Warhol's core idea to work proved way harder than we anticipated. We did not see a way forward within our budget of time, money and energy and thus decided to pull the plug. All that development has ceased, backend services are offline, contracts have been canceled. We will endeavor to keep this web page online for as long as possible and probably open-source bits and pieces of Warhol's core functionality.


If you have a lot of time and a lot of money at your hands (or preferably both) and want to have a try at making the idea behind Warhol work, we encourage you to do so! Even now we still believe that Warhol's basic concept (comparing CSS instead of pixels) holds a lot of promise - it's just not us who will be delivering on that promise.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

More information here.