This mothereffin shit is worth a blog-post. Even if it’s just a short one.

At this very moment I’m celebrating the fact that Internet Explorer 10 now supports text-shadows kinda excessively! Finally! Even Internet Explorer made it! Yayyyy!

For more details on this, please go and check out the Internet Explorer 10 Guide for Developers. Microsoft developers explain the usage of text-shadow here. But I guess it should be pretty clear how to use them as other browsers support them like forever.

Thanks goes out to Louis Lazaris for his tweet about it. Also @IE tweeted about this.

There are also some other cool things in Internet Explorer 10 concerning CSS3 stuff like hyphenation and animations. This is so worth it, Microsoft. Thanks for finally keep track with other browser vendors.

Another thing that’s pretty cool is support for so many HTML5 features in Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 3.