Some weeks ago Paul Irish published his article about TAFEE (Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences) and shares Paul Boag’s booklet called “Where are my rounded corners?” which tries to describe why it is better to design for the future and modern browsers and not spending too much time trying to get the website’s design working in older browsers (namely Internet Explorer 7 and 8).

The booklet was originally published in Paul Boag’s blog. Paul describes why he did this this:

One of the biggest areas of confusion among our clients is progressive enhancement. They wonder why the beautiful design they signed off doesn’t look the same in older browsers. To overcome this problem we are making two changes. First, we are trying wherever possible to show them designs in the browser rather than as static images. Second, I have put together a short document outlining why progressive enhancement is ultimately better for their site.


As we have the same issues with customers that do not understand why they get different experiences of their websites in different browsers, we translated this beautiful booklet to German and want to share it with anyone who needs it under Creative Comments Licence.

Thanks goes out to Paul Boag for creating this, Steffen and Daniel who helped me translating it, and /gebrüderheitz (especially Daniel again) for the Design of the German version.

If you find mistakes or have a suggestion for a better translation please share it in the comments.
If you are interested in translating it to another language, please let me know via the contact-form or an email.


As I said, feel free to download the pdf-file and share it with your customers as well.
English Version    German Version    Danish Version

Update 03.02.2012: Niels Steinmeier has a Danish version of this booklet. I don’t understand a word but it may help the one or the other.