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Top Software Architecture Podcasts

PodcastsSoftware Architecture

Title Image: Top Software Architecture Podcasts

This article discusses the importance of software architecture and recommends a list of great software architecture podcasts for listeners to explore. It begins by defining software architecture and explaining its significance in software development. The article then moves on to highlight the benefits of listening to software architecture podcasts, including staying up to date with the latest trends and best practices. The recommended podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from front-end development to technical leadership, and feature interviews with industry experts and thought leaders. The article concludes by encouraging readers to explore the recommended podcasts and start learning.

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How to Keep 1.6 Million Podcasts Up to Date

PodcastsEvent Driven Architecture

Title Image: How to Keep 1.6 Million Podcasts Up to Date

The FYEO database held around 1.6 million podcasts on its peak. Each one of those podcasts does have quite a number of episodes which contain the real contents users are intested in: the audio track. And this is the stuff that every podcast platform wants to display to their customers. As soon as it comes out, is published. And as soon as people are searching for it.

Let me take you on the journey of building the system that helped us make sure we have all the data in place to show the latest episodes to our customers.

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Working Draft Revision 100


It’s been over two years now – with our podcast Working Draft we have done 100 revisions. Congratulations to ourselves! We recorded revision 100 on Monday and had a very special guest: Paul Irish. That’s why we recorded in English this time. The final podcast is now live and can be downloaded. Check it out and let us know what you think. Listen to WD Revision 100 Here are the topics we talked about: BountySource let’s you define an amount up for grabs to anyone willing to solve your issue with an open source project. 5 APIs to change the

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